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COVID-19 Response

As the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our nation, state, and community, Coffeyville Area Community Foundation recognizes all residents are being called upon to make changes and sacrifices in their daily lives to ensure the health and security of our community.

Our organization is committed to serving the needs of our community, donors, and nonprofit partners, and encouraging the generosity and philanthropic spirit we’ve seen demonstrated during challenging times.

A “Coffeyville COVID-19 Relief Fund” has been established with Coffeyville Area Community Foundation to assist our nonprofit partners and our community. The Fund will be utilized to address the most critical needs in our community as a result of the Coronavirus quarantine measures.

We appreciate the work of our nonprofit partners who address critical economic, health and social equity imbalances in our community. As events unfold, resources and capacities may be taxed. We want to partner to assist our community.

In an effort to assess how we can use available funds to meet the most urgent needs in our community, we are requesting all nonprofit and charitable organizations complete an online survey. We want to hear from you. Please keep us informed of your needs and the needs of those you serve. 

We all have a role in protecting those most vulnerable and helping our community to thrive, and it’s often during times of difficulty that the best qualities of humanity can shine.

Donate to the Coffeyville COVID-19 Relief Fund

If you are a nonprofit, please complete our charity needs assesment so we are able to understand the operational and support needs you are currently facing as a result of COVID-19.

Begin the Charity Needs Assesment

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