Fund Information


The Coffeyville Area Community Foundation currently carries the following funds. If you have further questions about these funds or general questions, please contact us.

The following are current funds:

Boys & Girls Club of Coffeyville Fund helps fund projects for the 250 children who benefit from the Boys & Girls Club after school program each school day.

Caney Community Center Fund is helping to build a new community center for Caney that will be managed by the Caney Recreation Commission.

Charlesworth FKHS Swim Scholarship is awarded to a FKHS swimmer based on good character and 4 year participation on the men’s or women’s swim team. The Scholarship honors long-time FKHS swim coach Mr. John Charlesworth.

Charlesworth FKHS Swim Pool Fund was established to help with the project expenses for the FKHS Swim Pool. The Pool is named in honor of long-time swim coach Mr. John Charlesworth.

Children’s Health Endowed Fund provides assistance to better the health and well-being of children in Southeast Kansas.

The Mike and Kaye Cillessen Youth Fund helps better educate at-risk students in the Coffeyville school district.

Coffeyville Area Community Operations Fund allows the Community Foundation to serve Coffeyville and the surrounding area in addressing community needs and linking nonprofit organizations together.

Coffeyville Community Fund addresses current broad base needs in our community.

Coffeyville Flags of Honor to honor veterans past and present, police officers, and firefighters.

Coffeyville Friends of Animals Fund  projects in the community helping companion animals, e.g. pet adoption sites, volunteer work at the Animal Shelter, spay & neutering program.

Coffeyville Historical Society Fund helps with retaining the rich historical heritage in Coffeyville and assists with ongoing needs of the Dalton Museum, Brown Mansion, and Death Alley.

Coffeyville Public Library Fund is utilized to enhance areas of the library and the services offered.

Coffeyville Public School Foundation Fund awards grants each year to enrich the education of children in the Coffeyville school district.

Friends For Hope Giving Circle brings interested people together in the common goal of encouraging philanthropy for our community. The Friends for Hope have an annual membership of $120 per person or $240 per couple each year. Membership donations collected will be granted to organizations the group believes are making a difference in our community and working toward the goal of growing children into healthy adults

.J.A.C.-Junior Advisory Council brings high school students together to learn about philanthropy, leadership, volunteerism and working with area youth. Their focus is on giving back to the youth of the community through service projects or by granting dollars to worthy projects that impact the lives of our community’s children.

Mural Restoration Fund is utilized to restore the historic Don Sprague murals throughout our community. These murals were painted to depict the vibrant history of Coffeyville including our aviation history, the Dalton defenders and much more.

If you would like to donate to any of the above funds or you wish to donate to another cause, the Community Foundation can help you. It is our desire to help you fulfill your philanthropic goals!